What Learning Benefits Could Teacher And Students Draw From Intentional Classroom Dialogue?


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Both teachers and students can greatly benefit from the use of intentional classroom dialog. This would occur across all sections of learning in the classroom environment. Some of the benefits for both students and teachers are as follows:

  • Benefits whilst writing

If students are learning in an environment that uses much more sophisticated and deep dialog they are more likely to write with a similar approach. Not only will this develop their vocabulary and their writing ability but it will also make for much more engaging and interesting pieces of work.

  • Benefits whilst listening

When the students are engaged in the dialog it is teaching them to vastly improve their own listening skills. As well as this, it makes for a much more attentive class and makes the job of the teacher so much easier.

  • Benefits whilst reading

Students that engage in the dialog will develop their skills of reading much deeper into things and understanding all the underlying aspects of a piece of text that they are reading. This will then greatly improve their reading ability and creates a greater degree of fluidity to their reading.

  • Benefits whilst speaking

Perhaps the most obvious of all aspects, the dialog will greatly assist both students and teachers abilities to speak publicly and privately. It will develop their thought processes and make for much more engaging and intriguing conversation as well as vastly improve the vocabulary and speaking confidence of both the students and the teachers.

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