What School Does My Address Belong To?


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It all depends on which area or district you live in. I would check with the local authorities and find out contact details and addresses, name of contacts and emails for the relevant people who are involved in the process.
Of course this can vary from person to person and from school to school. Every school district is slightly different in terms of how they handle enrolment.
Some schools can be quite tricky and difficult and it totally depends on where you live and how close you are away to the school.
Your best bet is to get in touch with where you may have received personal correspondence from the school. Or perhaps you may be in the middle of a move and you are interested in a school district or area that might match the address or area you are looking to buy a property in.
Please ensure you phone to collate any information during normal working hours and get to the point and only ask the relevant question because these school will be dealing with a tremendous amount of enquiries on a daily basis.
If you are still stuck for answers then get in touch with a local estate agent who may be able to offer you some independent advice.
They will have a better bearing on the situation regarding local area, school districts and addresses of key contacts and emails.
It will probably be best to get copies of your children's birth certificates if you decide to enrol them but an agent will assist you with most enquiries but again make sure this is performed during regular office working hours.

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