What Were The Issues Involved In Writing The Constitution?


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There were a number of issues involved in writing The United States Constitution, the main one being to reach a compromise to suit all of those involved in the decision-making process. At the time of writing in 1787, there were only thirteen US states in existence, but The Constitution needed to suit all of these separate regions of the country. This was problematic because so many compromises had to be made to reach even the most basic of agreements.

Because The Constitution was - and indeed, still is - the highest law in the United States, the decisions being made were extremely important and were set to have a considerable impact on people's lives. The Constitution creates the Congress and the Presidency, so it's clear to see that its power and influence is momentous. The conflicting opinions of some of the US states on whether or not The Constitution should be implemented caused mass arguments at the time, which led to the 'Great Compromise - the introduction of a two-house legislature system.

In order for The Constitution to be ratified, nine of the thirteen states had to agree to it. This quota was eventually reached, but the delegates were desperate to get all of the thirteen regional governments to agree to the ruling. Two states in particular were reluctant to sign The Constitution: South Carolina and Rhode Island. It was the difference in opinion between the Federalists - who wanted The Constitution to be pushed through - and the Anti-Federalists - who opposed the ruling - that took so long to make a compromise over, although South Carolina and Rhode Island agreed to sign the document in the end.

Ultimately, The Constitution was brought into play in the June of 1788 - almost a year since the original convention began. There have been over 25 amendments to the ruling since, as agreed by the states belonging to the Constituency to help in the smooth running of the US government and legal system.

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