How To Crack Picture Perception Test?


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The picture perception test is a psychological and perception test designed to make people aware of their surroundings and how they view the world. It is supposed to teach people how to glean important information about their surroundings in a very short amount of time. It is most often used by the Indian Army and Navy when they are training and testing new recruits as a part of their Services Selection Board. This process with the Indian Armed Forces assesses the compatibility of each potential soldier.
  • The Picture Perception Test
The test consists of two parts; during the first part of the test candidates are shown a picture for 30 seconds. They are not allowed to write anything down but must remember as much as possible about the picture, taking in every detail. The candidate is then asked to write their impressions of the picture, of who they think the main character in the picture is, the main character's expression and surroundings. After this they are asked to write about 70 words as a story based on the picture. The second part of the test involves discussing the picture as a group, where differences in perception will become clear between each candidate.
  • Cracking the test
I am afraid there is no formula that can be given that will help you to pass this test, the assessment is done with trained psychologists who will analyze the results and there are usually no certain right and wrong answers, making it very difficult to prepare for. For this reason, advice cannot be given on how to pass the test other than to keep your concentration and stay calm. The website states that if this stage of testing (the perception test is in stage one) then the candidate is sent home and is not allowed to continue with the selection process.
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There are lots of these, so you will get a better answer if you write again and give a bit more detail. In which exam does this test appear and what is its purpose? Is it a test that can be cracked or one that gives a different result each time? And finally, is it possible to see an example online?

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