Write A Program To Find The Even Sum And The Odd Sum In The Given Array In Java?


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To find out how to do this, have a look at this site: It gives a number of different tutorials on how to write a variety of Java programs

• What is Java?
Java is a language that was developed by James Gosling in order to create programs and was first released in 1995.

Much of the syntax of Java is derived from C and C++, and it is intended to allow application developers to write programs that can be used anywhere. Because it is a general purpose language that is concurrent, object oriented and class based, it is one of the most popular languages used for programming that is currently being used, especially for server-client applications on the Internet.

• History
Java was supposed to be used for interactive TV, but at the time it was developed it was far too advanced for the digital television industry. It's name has evolved from the original 'Oak'; so called because there was an oak tree outside its creator's office, and then to 'Green'. It was finally renamed Java after the copious amounts of coffee that were consumed during its development.

It didn't take long for Java to become popular with the foremost web browsers incorporating it within web pages.

In December 1999, Java 2 was released, which was more suited to mobile applications, and had a variety of configurations that were suited to different platforms.

In 2007, all of Java's core code was made available for free under open source distribution terms, which has made it more accessible to even more programmers.

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