In How Many Ways Can Three Aces Be Drawn From A Deck Of Cards?


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There are 4 Aces in a deck and hence 4 ways of drawing the first ace. Obviously the aces are not identical objects and the order in which they are arranged is important.

Now the pack contains 3 aces and so there are three ways of drawing the 2nd ace.

As a result of drawing two aces we have two aces left in our deck. So the third ace can be either one of them giving us a choice of two cards.

So number of ways = 4 * 3 * 2 = 24
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There are 3 different aces out of 4 in one deck of cards. From each card, you can get 1/13*4 possibilities of selecting.
Therefore,    3C4/4C52=3*4/4*52=12/208=3/52
52 cards exist in one deck of cards.

Three ways can be drawn.
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I think ur using the combo rule. However if a person wants to know the same question when "order matters." you would have to use the permuation rule=n!/(n-r)!=24 possible ways
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There are 4*3*2 = 24 sequences in which 3 aces can be drawn from a deck containing 4 aces.
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Question, i have the same problem, but i do not know how you came up with that answer. I am not following your equation.
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The first ace drawn can be of any of the four suits, clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades. The next ace drawn can be from any of the remaining 3 suits. The final ace will be from one of the remaining 2 suits. Thus 3 aces can be drawn in any of 24 sequences. The result of the draw will be one of 4 possible groups, distinguished by the one missing ace.

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