What According To You Are The Qualities Of A Good Memo?


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It must be formal
- Subject should not be vague or unclear. It should be brief & specific, which can give an idea about the purpose of the memo.
- It must not contain salutation or complimentary closing
- The text in text section of memo should be concise, clear, to the point
- Avoid use of long and complex sentences that contain too much information. Short sentences make your message more readable and understandable.
- First paragraph in text area or opening paragraph should contain background of the problem & purpose of the memo.
- Last paragraph should be the closing segment, where you can request your reader to take an action to solve the problem. Some people use conclusion at the end of memo to summarize the content. Conclusions are also useful for suggestions and recommendations or if you wish to make a request to the reader.
- If there are any attachments, always mention at the end, after closing segment.

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