Mary Stevens Earn $6 An Hour At Her Job And Is Entitled To Time-and-a-half For Overtime,and Double Time On Holidays.last Week She Worked 40 Hours Of Regular Time,6 1/2 Hours Of Overtime,and 8 Hours Of Holiday Much Did She Earn?


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Mary earns $6 per Hr.  For over time, she earns time and half, i.e if she works for 1 OT(Over  Time) she gets 6+6/2 = 9$  if she works on holidays, she gets double time, i.e if she works for 1hr  she gets 2*6 = 12$  last week she worked 40 reg hours, 6.5 over time hrs and 8 holiday hrs.  => 40*6 + 6.5*9 + 8*12  =>> 240 + 58.5 + 96  =>>> $394.5
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Mary Stevens earns $11.75 an hour at her job and is entitled to time-and-a-half for
overtime, and double time on holidays. Last week she worked 40 hours of regular
time, 61/2 hours of overtime, and 8 hours of holiday time. What was her gross pay?

The answer is 725.56

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