Were Can I Listen To Music Thats Not Blocked By Schools?


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There are a number of ways that you can get around a school Internet block to get access to your favorite online music sources. Some of the solutions are simple, but sometimes you need something a bit more complicated. First of all, try putting ‘https://’ before the web address, instead of the usual ‘http://’. Often this will work on school blocks, as long as the website will support it.

If your school has not blocked the website already, you can use to gain access to websites. Simply use the username ‘student’, and the password ‘random1’, and you’ll have access to all the music websites that you need.

If your school updates their block list quite often, then you will no doubt struggle to use proxy websites like In this case, you should remain in the know about the brand-new proxies available, and make sure that you keep trying them. is able to provide you with information about the new proxies available for use.

If you can use your own computer on the school network, then you can download programs that will let you bypass the network. UltraSurf is a great solution to bypassing networks, as is HotSpot Shield, which both use IP address techniques to help get around blocks provided by school IT administrators.

Others who are a little more in the know about proxies and networking code will be able to create their own proxy servers. If you know what you’re doing, you can create a proxy server and run it from your own computer. Then, you’ll be able to access as much music as you want on the school network.

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