What Is Coefficient Of Range And Coefficient Of Quartile Deviation? How To Find It?(formula Is?) Please Help.


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Coefficient of range is also known as coefficient of dispersion

Coefficient of dispersion= (Xm-Xo)/(Xm+Xo)

Xm= maximum value of data
Xo=lowest value of data

Coefficient of quartile deviation= (Q3-Q1)/(Q3+Q1)
Q3= third quartile
Q1=first quartile

If X and Y are two random variables then Coefficient of correlation

= {sum(x-mean of x)(y- mean of y)}/{sum(x- mean of x)2* sum(y- mean of y)2}1/2

Coefficient of regression

={n*sum of x*y –(sum of x)(sum of y)}/{ n( sum of x2)- (sum of x)2}

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