Can You Describe A Situation In Which You Tried Your Hardest But Failed?


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Sharon answered
I attend school and graduated to be a licensed nurse. I wanted to go on to be and RN, but try  I did, but I could not see myself dissecting any animal.
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My situation which I tried my hardest but failed was when I tried to make my mom understand the true meaning of life. I try to make her understand that logically life doesn't mean her only, it involves everyone else's too. She feels that my dad had hurt her so she'll do whatever she can to payback. They are divorced and I have a younger brother involved. My brother do want to know and see who his dad is. It's a long story but yeah I did fail and I will not try again. I crusted my own chest with heavy rocks and stones, wrong path to take.
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I pleade and begged a bro not to ride one night after drinking. Took keys to the bike. Pulled the gas line. Tried to reason with him, shame him. Embarrress him. I visit the sight was a year and tell him I told you so.
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I have a cousin who know how to drive and I amaze to see a women driving a car,its a plus factor to yuor personality.I tried so many times to learn how to drive,infact my boyfriend before now is my husband,giving his best to teach me to drive.I tried so many times but I still failed,and my husband told me that I really can' I end  giving up this dream.

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