What Is The Importance Of Management In School?


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Good management plays a vital role in school similar to any other business. The main role of school management is to manage and schedule the class and allocate teachers to each class. Enrollment of students is also managed by the school management. It enables all staff in the school to contribute most effectively to its purpose in the performance of their duties. By conducting different functions like sport fare, welcome party and so on; it promotes individual development and encourages mutual confidence and understanding among the teachers and students.
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Management in school is a important thing i think. School is such a place where i could find out a bulk of file and if one can manage it with any software then that would be a great thing. I am a bca holder and final year, i have given a project of the same topic. I had to go for php course for that. One thing is so important that managing the school thing is not at all a silly things

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