What Is Two Organizational Departments In A Business And How Do I Identify The Roles Of Information Systems Within Those Departments?


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Every business consists of various organizations which are reliant on information systems- without information systems there would be no business! Ensuring that the correct information is fed through to the relevant departments is essential for the success of any business.

Within each department there will be requirements for different types of information which will be linked throughout the organization to maintain competitiveness and efficiency. Keeping each department fed with the relevant information, keeping them as well briefed as possible ensures that the correct decision making policies are followed. Information comes in many sources and has to be properly analyzed.

By analyzing sales figures and trends a company can reflect on what directions that they wish to move in order to maximize opportunities and to build on previous successes. Keeping a close watch on trends, predictions and the results of other businesses in the same market allows comparisons to be made and makes future predictions as accurate as possible.

Proper analysis may at times seem time consuming but is essential if a business or organization is to remain viable and able to develop into the right markets and areas. At times the analysis of information may be at odds with current results but there is no point in producing products and services that are no longer relevant or into a saturated market.

By assessing results and interpreting data and information, informed choices can be made rather than instinctive decisions. Pooling information from various sources and relaying it to the proper departments ensures that the best possible use is made of that data with continual appraisal, often producing information that may seem contradictory, helping to keep a business on course and adapting to changing market conditions.

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