How Many Kilograms Make 1 Ton?


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Many people in many different fields often need to make conversions from the English system of weights and measures to the metric system that is used in most countries today. One metric ton of weight is equal to 2,204 pounds. In kilograms, one ton is equal to 1000 kilograms. There are several good ways to convert between the two systems and having a good method at your disposal can be very important.

If you want a good estimate a good rule of thumb is however many tons you are trying to convert, however many tons you have up to a point is equal to 1000 kilograms. For example two tons is equal to 2000 kilograms and so on but as the numbers get larger the estimate will become less accurate.

A better way to get an exact conversion is to use a calculator. There are several low price calculators on the market today that make exact conversions. There are also several web sites that make conversions in a flash. Yahoo has a toolbar that can be downloaded that among many other things makes conversions from the English system of weights and measures to the metric system. It is a fast and accurate solution that is available at no cost to you.

If you do not like downloading software on your hard drive there are web sites that can do the job. is an example of a web site that can not only convert weights and measures, but many other things such as volume, power, pressure, and length and height. The answers are always fast and accurate and this is the way to go if you are converting from one to the other and have access to the internet. Either way you go, if you want an accurate answer use a calculator or one of the many web sites that are available.
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1 ton is Equal to 1,000 kilograms
2 tons is Equal to 2000 kilograms
3 tons is Equal to 3,000 kilograms
4 tons is Equal to 4,000 kilograms
5 tons is Equal to 5,000 kilograms
So.... The point is that every time You are adding another ton you have to add 1,000 kilograms to it and then you will have your answer to: (How many tons are in a kilogram or two?)
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One Metric Ton equals 1000 kilograms.
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1 ton or tonne is equal to 1000 kilograms or 1 mega gram. The word ton or tonne is a consequent from the Old English word tunne. The spelling tonne was introduced in the Middle English era. It is derived from the Old French influence.

There three types of ton measurement. The first is the Long ton, which is also known as the weight ton or gross ton. The next is the short ton, which is simply known as ton or net ton. The third ton is the metric ton, which is also known as metric tonne. The abbreviation for the metric ton is 'mt'. The long ton and short ton are both made up of twenty hundredweights.
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  • A thousand kilograms make a metric ton.
  • 907.19 kilograms make a standard US ton.
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metric ton - 1 ton = 1000 kg
short ton used in US. 1 short ton is 20 hundredweight (short) or 2000 pound.
long ton, avoirdupois unit of weight used in Britain. 1 long ton is equal to 20 hundredweight (long) or 2240 pound.
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Ok..... Way to many people are saying its 1, I think you ought to believe them and me. I'm pretty sure that 1,000 kg=to 1 ton.
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There are 1000 kilograms to a ton
there are 0.001 ton's to a kilogram
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Really those are incorrect answers. The tonne is equal to the kilo of 1000kilos. For those who are still stuck. AN Example. 4.076t = 4076kg. How? You must think I'm crazy. Incorrect statment AGAIN. You must watch out for the tricky decimals. They cause many troubles. For a second example (on a different matter) THe decimal. Represents the thousand to the kilo of a tonne. Understand now.

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