I Am Less Than 100. The Sum Of My Digits Is 4. Half Of Me Is An Odd Number. What Number Am I?


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When reading these mathematical brain teasers it is easy to find the question a lot more difficult than it actually is due to the way it is worded. The best tip when trying to work out a question such as this is to break the question down into sections and work through one part at a time as they are usually just simple mathematical sums.
In this case the first part of the riddle claims the number is less than 100, so that narrows it down to between 1 and 99. Now the key here is where it says the sum of the digits is 4. The sum of two digits is found by adding the two numbers together that make the final number and in this case we know that the numbers are made from the numbers between 1 and 99, so it would suggest that the figure is 22, as 2 plus 2 is 4. The final piece of the clue is when it says half of this number is an odd number, or cannot be divided evenly. Half of 22 is 11 which can’t be divided evenly by any number.
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It can be 31 or 13.
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It can't be 31 - half of me is an odd number.  3 and 1 are both odd.
It's can't be 22 - half of me is an odd number.

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