What Are The Materials And Steps To Make An Animal Cell Model? (can't Be Edible)


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Animal cell models can be created using styrofoam balls and various items found in the house and outside:

- a clear, labelled image of an animal cell
- a styrofoam ball, about eight inches in diameter
- a 2 in styrofoam ball for the nucleus
- two to three peanut shells or similar shaped pebbles for mitochondrions
- two small marbles, for the peroxisome and the lisosome
- bits of thin string or yarn in different colors for microtubules, intermediate and micro filaments
- a rectangular shaped piece of thick card for the centriole
- thin blue card, to make the smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum
- pink card cut to shape the golgi apparatus
- thin, flexible tubing for the flagellum
- some sand/ gravel
- sharp knife
- scissors
- liquid glue
- beige and purple paint
- paintbrush
- pencil
- old newspaper
- toothpicks and white card

Protect the working area with old newspaper. Cut the large ball in half. Slice enough off the rounded side of the half used to allow the model to sit flat. Paint it with beige paint. Allow to dry.

Cut out a quarter out of the small ball, and then slice most of the bottom half off. Paint with purple paint. Allow to dry.

Cut most of the blue card into strips, dot with glue and sprinkle sand or gravel all over to represent ribosomes. When dry, shake off excess material. Use the rest of the card to cut the shape for the smooth reticulum.

Using the picture as a guide, mark the positions of the elements on the top side of the large ball with a pencil. Glue on the nucleus; attach all other parts by pushing them into the base.

Label all parts using toothpicks and white card.
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Here is what you need:
Styrofoam ball- cut it in half and paint the outside
pipe cleaners- twist them together to make the DNA
clay- use this to make the cell organelles
acrylic paint- use this to paint the outside of the cell, this is the cell membrane, also paint the inside, this is the cytoplasm
tennis ball- cut in half. This is the nucleus
scissors- use these to cut things
good luck :)
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All you need is a Styrofoam ball and Playdoh... keep it simple, just look at a picture of an animal cell, and recreate all the individual parts using different colored Playdoh so that they stand out.

Cut the Styrofoam ball in half, and stick all the pieces based on this image of a cell here:


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I need to submit my model of cell by tomorrow but i dont have a styrofoam ball .. Anyone to please help asap

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Please help with a solution using recycled materials on how to make a 3d model of a plant or animal cell
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Use a clear plastic bowl for the cell membrane then use play dough to make all the organelles that you are required to have  use different colors for each one so it looks colorful cut a piece of styrofoam or use a styrofoam plate and attach all the "organelles" to it  hot glue the plate in the bowl you can use toothpicks to label the parts.. This is a fast easy and cheap way to make a model that looks nice and serves the purpose.
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Use a clear plastic bowl for the cell membrane then use play dough to make all the organelles that you are required to have  use different colors for each one so it looks colorful cut a piece of styrofoam or use a styrofoam plate and attach all the "organelles" to it  hot glue the plate in the bowl you can use toothpicks to label the parts.. This is a fast easy and cheap way
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Use a Styrofoam ball cut it in half and then use  construction paper cut them out into the shapes and then glue them on I'm in 6th grade and I got an A on mine
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Go to www.scienceproject.com, then in the search bar there on the left side of the main page, just type in cell. The 5th one down is a project on Make a Model of Plant or Animal Cell
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An animal cell is the basic building block of the animal's unit of life. Animal cells are very small and a microscope is needed to see them. An animal cell is made up of parts that all serve an important role in the function of the cell. The parts all work together within the animal to help it maintain its regular functions and day-to-day life.

Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
Construction paper
Recycled plastic bags
Cotton balls
Macaroni pasta
Black Markers
Step 1
Gather materials together for creating the animal cell with students. Position the construction paper, macaroni pasta, cotton balls, rice, recycled plastic bags, glue, scissors and glitter where students can access them when ready to create their animal cell.

Step 2
With students, create an example animal cell. Discuss each part as the example cell is drawn. Include the cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondrion, nucleus and ribosome.

Step 3
Have each student select a sheet of construction paper, which will be what he or she glues his or her animal cell to.

Step 4
Provide each student with a plastic bag. Have him or her cut a circle out of the plastic bag with the scissors and glue it onto the construction paper. This will represent the cell membrane.

Step 5
Have students position a cotton ball in the middle of their cell membrane to represent the nucleus. Glue the cotton ball to the plastic bag, or cell membrane.

Step 6
Use the rice, glitter and macaroni pasta to represent the cytoplasm, mitochondrion and ribosome.

Step 7
When students are finished gluing the parts of their animal cell, label the parts using a black marker or pencil.

Step 8
Display the animal cells around the classroom for others to see.
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Find a picture of an Animal Cell and then get a styrofoam ball. Now you can either mold your parts with play dough , or take candies such as m&m's, jawbreakers, fruit by the foot, etc. And glue to the styrofoam ball. You can use plastic wrap for the outside. Use toothpicks and cut out little flags to go onto your toothpicks to label the parts! You can use Jello but it might not last over one day. This is the links I used.


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I did not tell you to cut the styrofoam ball in half, I guess I assumed you would know to do that. So, You want to cut it in half because you want the inside of the cell. Then when you put the plastic wrap around it you could put the other half on top and wrap it.
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Buy colored felt sheets from the craft store and stuff it with cotton to make it look 3D..or you could sew up pieces of fabric into something like a pillow to make an animal cell..I don't know, I had to make a 3D plant cell for a project in 7th grade and it was really easy to staple felt sheets together and glue on cut out shapes of the nucleus and crap onto the felt after it was stuffed with cotton and stapled together...hope this helps and you understand what I'm talking about lol
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I would get some metal coat hangers and a square of wood. Drill holes along the edge right round. Then cut the wire into equal bits and push them in the holes. You could just put a bit of clear plastic over the top so the beastie can't jump out. This should hold most small animals. For larger things like tigers or lions you will have to scale things up a bit. Have fun..lol
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If thats important to you, maybe put more effort in than asking others to find out for you.
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I don't know either I have to make one to
I need an animal cell and it has to be simple
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Go to the link that I will post. It gives a list of items you will need, and directions and pictures of how to do it.www.wikihow.com/Build-3D-Models-of-Animal-and-Plant-Cells
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If you want to know how to make a 3D model of an animal cell, you can visit the question here with lots great answers.

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You can use a bowl and for the nucleus use a ball and the other things can be pipe cleaners and craft stuff
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I don't have the slightest clue I need to do the same thing by next monday and I'm drawing a blank. =(
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I don't know? Help me I have to make an animal cell by tomorrow! I have not started it yet! Help!

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