What Was North America's Main Goal In Fighting The Civil War?


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The most straightforward answer is that the North was fighting to keep the country together, after the South had declared its intention to secede (or break away).

Why did the North fight the civil war? The American civil war first broke out when the Southern states decided to formally withdraw from the Federal institution, in protest over what it saw as governmental meddling.

The Republican South's economy relied heavily on slave-labor, but the Democrats in the North wanted to end slavery in the US.

Rather than following their lead, the Southern states announced that they were sick of taking orders from a biased Federal government, and decided to separate and to form a new united government of the South.

The union in the North wanted to keep the country together, however, and so they went to war to prevent the South from breaking away.

What was the real reason the North fought the civil war?
This is a question that modern supporters of the confederacy still ask themselves. Although the civil war certainly had a lot to do with the rights of African-American slaves, some people argue that the main motive was actually to keep hold of the South's assets and resources.

The modern pro-confederacy movement argues that, although slavery may have been the 'powder-keg' that sparked the civil war, the Union's real interest was in controlling their Southern neighbors and protecting the federal income derived from the Southern states.
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The whole reason for fighting the civil war was NOT to free the slaves as some might suggest. The one and only reason to fight that war was to keep the union together, freeing the slaves was an after-thought.
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The main goal for the North to fight the civil war was to keep the country together.
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Main goal for North was to keep the country together at first. Then mid-war Lincoln realized the North might lose so he changed the goal to take out slavery all together, retain and reshape.

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It was to keep the country from falling apart, the forms of government fought to try to abolish each other.

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