How Much Of A Percentage Do I Pay On An Inheritance Tax?


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If the deceased one is your other half then you don’t have
to give the inheritance tax. But you have to give the tax on the inheritance if you are a direct descendant of the dead one.

As you didn't tell you are the direct descendant or indirect one so let me make it easy for you. If the deceased person is your parent or grandparent then you have to pay very small tax with great exemptions. If you are a brother, sister,  brother/sister-in-law then you have to give 5% to 10% inheritance tax. If the inheritors are far relative then they have to pay 10% to 20% inheritance tax. But this is the general rule. Many countries have different rules and regulation so try to find the inheritance tax rules of the country in which you live.

Hope these rules are not different then my country.
 Enjoy blurting :)

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