What Is This Award Notification Commission? I Received A Letter From Them(ANC) Informing Me That I Have Won A $ 2 Million, And I Should Send $13.00 Precessing Fee. Is It For Real, Or Not?


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Funny how the Processing Fee changes .  Mine said $11.89.  I knew it was a scam the moment I looked at the envelope, but I'm always interested in how they try to get over.  Sometimes, you have to look real close to find it in their wording.  For example, after trying to win you with the optional payment schedule or the lump sum, they're careful to say "once your entry is posted your CHANCE is guaranteed," etc.  There is no winner!  This allows them to collect a lot of entry money to line their pockets.  No matter how real it looks, you have to read the fine print.  Pure scam!!
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It's a scam, and a classic at that.  If you did win something in a drawing or lottery or raffle you would have to have entered it.  You also would not have to pay a fee to receive whatever you won.
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In general, these taxes and fees are terrible, so I would not want to win large sums, but I would like to receive constant small rewards. So far I am lucky on one of the xem thêm sites and I would like to see it continue. The lottery is fun as it turns out. But I do not want to pay large payments to the state.

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