When Will Neco 2010/2011 Begin?


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The NECO 2010/11 session has already taken place. NECO stands for National Examinations Council and is an educational standards board in Nigeria.
You can find out more information about NECO by visiting their website at However it appears that the website has not been updated since 2005, which means that the information contained on the website might now be out-of-date or inaccurate.
Past and former students can check for their examination results online by visiting
The National Examinations Council was created in 1999 - it was one of the last acts of Abdulsalami Abubakar's military administration in Nigeria. Its creation was the climax of a process that had lasted over twenty years. The call for better organisation and standards in examinations began with the controversy that surrounded the leaking of West African School Certificate examination questions prior to exams held in 1977.
The NECO is now believed to employ over one thousand people in administrative roles. Its headquarters are based in the west central city of Minna. Prior to the creation of the NECO, Nigeria had four separate examination bodies. The Nigerian state argued that the creation of the NECO was a necessary move as several other countries had moved away from regional examination bodies and towards larger national organizations.
NECO certificates are now generally recognized qualifications across Nigeria and most of Africa, although their status elsewhere in the world is currently unclear.
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When 2011 will be out
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Neco2010 time table

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