WHAT IS 20% OF 300,000?


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Ray Dart answered
1% would be 3000
therefore 20% is 3000 X 20 = 60000
(one fifth)
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Eleanor jones answered
Sixty thousand .
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Anonymous answered
It is 60000.
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You learn of percentages and decimals in grade 11. You always move the decimal (even if there isn't one visible) you always move the decimal two spots to the left. So with 20% it would look something like this 0.20 and you times that by 300,000. So your question would look something like this 0.20*300,000 and that equals 60,000. Now say there is a question already with a decimal, like I said you still move that decimal to the left two spots. So say you have 3.0% you would move that decimal two spots and it would now look like this 00.30 and you times that my whatever number it's asking. That is the correct way of finding out about percentages. I just got my high school diploma, finally. LOL. And I passed grade 11 math with a 84%.

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