What Are The Applications Of Computers In Education?


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Now computer has become a necessity in every parts of out life. Either we are student or doctor we use computer in one way or another. In education students use computers for different research work like for there thesis, research projects and so on. It is also use to give presentation.

Offshore students might give test online which is totally based on computer. Even there are some universities which take entrance test and the result is computed by computers. So either you want to make PowerPoint presentation or want to give online papers;  computers plays a great role.
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I'm sort of an old-fashioned guy who doesn't think computers have much of a role in education. They are a great time sink, and provide wonderful insulation and isolation from the real world. I believe the better part of education should be spent in hands-on interaction with the world around--not through some video screen.

That said, a computer can be a useful tool. It can provide access to libraries of information, often in much shorter order than going to the library and looking it up. It can offer near-real-time communication with people you might never meet in places you might never visit. It can also let other people write your essays and answer your exam questions, so you don't have to think about anything on your own.

Do we spend hours a day with our hammer, saw, sewing machine, stove? These, too, are tools. One needs balance and perspective in the education process, I think. Computers should be just as incidental to the process as are the clothes in the dress-up corner.

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I have thought about online learning long ago. I am amazed by the technological development and the innovations these days. Online learning gives us much more opportunities than traditional form. So, the computers play a huge role in the educational process. They are the tools that can get us online essays in one click. At my school, there were even lessons based on the computers for us to see what this type of education is like. Thanks for posting the question. It was fun discussing it.

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