What Is The Duration & Fee Of Oracle Developer Course In NIIT?


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The information fee of the Oracle developer course in NIIT cannot be currently found. Oracle is a software known for its database products and is used by businesses for database management. It organizes the most up to date and correct information from the processes of the business. NIIT provide a teaching experience in Oracle with their experienced staff.

The duration of the Introduction to Oracle is 40 hours, and in this you will learn many things including:

• How to retrieve, update, insert and delete data.
• To write scripts and generate script files
• To control both data and user access as well as transactions
• And to use multicolumn sub queries to solve problems.

There are 10 other courses which can be taken to increase knowledge of Oracle and use it to the full potential of the business's needs. The duration of the first 6 courses is 40 hours each, whereas when it reaches Diploma level, it is 288 hours to complete the 'Diploma in Database Administration Using Oracle 10G'. The last four vary from 18-48 hours depending on the courses you choose to take, but require prior knowledge and certificates to do complete them. At the end of each course you receive a certificate as proof you have passed the course and are able to use the software as described.

NIIT also offer courses in how to use Java, .NET, Android, Solaris, Cisco, Open Source and Cloud Computing. They always work closely with Microsoft to provide the best training on the software. NIIT also offer placements for its students to give them an insight into working with the program in everyday life, and offer mock interviews to make sure their students interview skills are up to scratch. They are a highly reputable company using the highest quality professionals to ensure you pass the course and to pursue your career.

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