What Flowers Start With The Letter "P"?


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There are absolutely loads of flowers out there that start with the letter P. The most well known ones include pansies, petunias, primroses, poppies and periwinkles. But the list doesn’t stop there because there are more beginning with the letter P than you might know.

As there are dozens of flowers that begin with P, here are just a few of the lesser known ones, what they look like and the best conditions in which to plant and grow them.

Firstly we have the Prince’s Feather, which is an ornamental flower that blossoms annually to produce tall spikes of dark crimson flowers and purple-tinted foliage. You do not have to sow these in soil; you just have to sow them out in the open during springtime in order for them to produce their flowers in July. They usually reach a height of about two feet.

Next we have the Potentilla, which is an herbaceous plant that produces a handsome strawberry-like foliage. You can plant these in common ordinary soil with no problems and you can even increase the number that you grow by dividing the roots. This plant looks at its best in front of shrubberies and is best propagated by taking cuttings during the autumn months and planting them in a sheltered area. They usually flower during the middle of summer and reach a height of up to one-and-a-half feet.

And finally we have the Pomegranate, a tropical fruit that requires a deep loamy soil and warm air to thrive and grow best. This plant may be propagated by taking cuttings of the shrubs or the roots and placing these in a light but rich soil. There is also another type of dwarf pomegranate that produces scarlet flowers in August and this requires a lot more heat.

These are just three of the dozens of plants that begin with P, so if you want to look at a full list then www.order-flowers-delivery.com/flower-delivery/flower-types- will give you a complete list with all the information you should need.
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Lets see, Poinsettias, Pansies, Petunias, Posies and Poppies are the first that come to mind.
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Petunias, pansies, and prickly pear

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