What Is Difference Between Russia And America?


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In such matters, practice is better than theory. Want to know the difference? Take tickets and go to Russia! You will see everything there. And in more lively and vivid colors. Do not forget to just fill out the documents at https://www.russia-travel.com/passport/ . The main thing to remember is that we are all people first of all, and only then Americans, Russians, Chinese, Egyptians and so on ...

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There are many differences between the two! Russia has always had leadership issues from the earliest day, In fact Russia was basically a bunch of tribes that could not get along and had actually asked the Vikings to come and establish stability as the Vikings were very good at this and trade. Thus was the beginning government of Russia, It eventually wanted to be like the rest of the European and Asian Nation so it came up with it Monarchy which is what established the Czar. The Romanov family was put in this position and ruled Russia under a serf system which basically was a system where every citizen was a slave to the Czar. The citizens of course were very poor and had no food and being Russia not a lot of warm area's. The Czar was eventually overthrown during the early 1900's by the citizens. Since all the monarchy's of Europe only married other Monarchs and as such they were all related in some fashion the Czar pleaded for assistance prior to his overthrow especially to England who turned their backs on the Romanov family which were all murdered by the Bolsheviks which were later overthrown by Stalin, and his version of communism, which was dictatorship of terror. This eventually became the USSR or the United Soviet Socialist Republic a modified form of communism which fell during the Regan Administration and became under Boris Yeltsin a modified form of a Capitalist Society, until Putin who has establish his own form of a dictatorship. So compared to America there are pretty much the differences.
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I believe that Obama's Administration is naming so many czars not to accomplish anything but it is payback time for these people who contributed to his being elected. All it is another bloated thugs in D.C
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Russian is good n american are bad

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