What Was The Source Of The Data Collected In The Research Example Given By Schaefer In Chapter 2?


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Every student of sociology is very familiar with Richard T. Schaefer. He is an academician, a sociologist and an author at the same time. He has written several works under his name and among them is his book Sociology. On top of that, he has also done studies and works on Sociological research which proved helpful to college students.

In Chapter 2 of Schaefer`s The Research Example, he talked about the Sociological Research at length. It talks about the Scientific Method which is an effective method of doing research. In the same chapter, Schaefer provided students with helpful hints on how to go about with a research project that is reliable and realistic. Different methods were also tackled including surveys, how they are to be conducted in such a manner that it will yield reliable results.

Experiments are also viewed as very important in conducting a sociological research. Consequently, a researcher will be conducting an experiment to determine the different cause and effect relationships. However, a researcher does not necessarily need to conduct an experiment; instead, he can make use of his existing resources such as readily available documents pertaining to the economy, culture and demographics of a certain locality or ethnic group.

At any rate, Chapter 2 of The Research Example got all the data that it collected using the general social survey. Accordingly, this kind of survey is used to gather important data pertaining to the different characteristics and attitudes of people in a certain locality. The survey can be administered and undertaken in about 90 minutes.

Richard Schaefer`s method of conducting research has helped sociologists, statisticians and students in more ways than one. By following the different tips that he presented in his research example, no study will be difficult to complete.

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