What Percentage Of People Marry Their College Sweetheart?


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If you're in a relationship while in college you may be wondering just what kind of chance you have for making it a long-term commitment. Many people will be surprised to learn that only about one percent of people marry their college sweetheart. There are other studies that have shown the percentage is closer to ten percent. However; these relationships tend to last longer than people who married younger before they ventured out and got a taste of the outside world.

College is a tumultuous time for many young people. It is the first time for many young people to live on their own without the close supervision of their parents. It is normal for young people to meet new people and develop new relationships during this period, and many life-long relationships and marriages have traditionally happened during this time.

Forty to fifty years ago, women went to college for the primary reason of finding a suitable husband. As times have changed and women have become more independent this has changed. Now the percentage of women graduating college has increased and the number marrying while in college has dropped significantly. Experts expect this trend to continue in the future as more and more young people delay marriage for later in life and regard college as a period in life to explore a number of different relationships.

If you're attending college and looking for a love connection, the odds are on your side for finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. If you're looking for a lifetime partner the odds go down significantly that you will find someone to marry. Still, college is one of the very best places to search for a marriage partner and with two educated people in a committed relationship, the odds of it lasting for a lifetime are much higher than a couple that marries straight out of high school.
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