If You're Compiling A List Of Sources You Used For Your Report In MLA Style, Your List Of Sources Is Called A A. Bibliography. C. References List. B. Source List. D. Works-cited List?


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When referencing sources for a report using the MLA style, your list of sources is known as option D - a works-cited list.

  • What is a works-cited list?
A works-cited list is an alphabetical list which contains all the texts and sources you have used throughout your written report. Where appropriate, your report should contain small numbers, like the one demonstrated here:^([1]). This number shows that you have included a reference to the source you have used for the particular piece of information in a works-cited list at the end of your report.

  • How should a works-cited list be written?
A works-cited list should be written in an alphabetical order. The list can be sorted by the first word in the title (excluding articles such as "the", "a" and "an"), the author's last name, the publisher of the source or the name of the translator. You should contact your tutor or professor for guidance on how to sort your works-cited list.

  • What is the MLA style of referencing?
MLA stands for Modern Language Association. The MLA style of referencing is a specific, unique way of linking information, statistics or quotes from your written report to the original source you used to gather that information.

  • Is MLA works-cited list a bibliography?
No, MLA works-cited list is not a bibliography. A bibliography involves referencing every source you looked at in preparation for writing your report, whether or not you used information from that source in your report. On the other hand, MLA works-cited list only references sources that you have actually used within your written report.

  • Why do I need a works-cited list?
A works-cited list is necessary for a number of reasons. Firstly, it allows your examiners or tutors to check your references, in order to monitor for plagiarism and to ensure that you haven't fabricated any information in your report. A works-cited list also allows other scholars to access the sources you have used for their own reports.

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