How Did New Technology Change The Face Of American Cities?


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Greetings. In my opinion that artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly, from driving cars to SIRI, to other machines and equipment in all industries, including healthcare. The most important role that AI plays in healthcare is to improve patient care. Here is a good example of medical image analysis

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The technology has not only revolutionized the face of American cities but also changed the economy of the whole state. The boom of IT companies in U.S. And emergence of Silicon valley has changed the shape of the whole economy. Whenever a new product comes in to the market, it creates either positive or negative implications on the society. IT has always been positive contributor in changing the fortunes of nations. Various technologies such as cellular technology, GSM, GPRS, GPS (Global Positioning Systems) , biotechnology, artificial intelligence, development of robotics, internet etc. Have already revolutionized the world. However, several more advancements in these related fields are expected in the near future which can further change life style of American people.

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