• What Are Three Examples Of Bias In Business Writing? Identify Two Methods You Consider Important To Follow In Reducing Bias In Business Writing.


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One example of bias in business writing would be gender bias - this will occur when sexism creeps into an article, project, or report. In order to reduce gender bias in business writing, business people must make a point of eliminating any derogatory language that demeans one gender; sometimes, this can be as subtle as calling women "girls" or "ladies". Keeping the tone of business writing very politically correct and gender neutral is often the best strategy for reducing bias and creating a more inclusive business document.

Another example of bias in business writing would be age bias - for example, writing that seems to focus on younger employees and ignores older employees may be considered biased. In our youth-driven culture, marketing materials and other business writing may focus too much on younger generations, at the expense of the older generations. Reducing this bias can be as easy as including sections in a report or ad that focus on older people.

A third example of bias in business writing is political bias - this is quite common, as politics is very polarized at the moment, especially in America and Canada. If a particular company is right-wing, and supports a conservative political party, they may use subtle promotions of right-wing politics in their business writing. For example, referring to a noted right-wing politician in a positive light might be an example of obvious bias. Conversely, left wing companies may also be focused on spreading their political beliefs to the masses, through their business writing and promotion. Certain companies are very progressive and liberal - they use this political mindset as part of their mission statement and marketing message. In other words, bias in business writing can occur on both sides of the political spectrum. This can be reduced by substituting politically neutral language for biased language.

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