How Many Letters Are In The Arabic Alphabet?


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Within the Arabic alphabet there are 28 letters. Seventeen basic chracters or symbols, represent the consonants. Eleven dots were then added sometime later to accommodate the need for vowel sounds, thus totalling 28 letters.
Within the arabic laguage, the curved characters are always written right to left.
It is thought that the Arabic script dates back to the 4th century AD.
As the Islamic faith spread throughout the middle east, Arabic became the standard language and its use was widespread as early as the 7th century AD.
The Qu'ran, the Holy Book of Islam states that writing is a gift from Allah (God) and as such it is to be revered. The art of calligraphy is also respected within Arabic culture.
Traditionally Arabic is viewed as particularly difficult for Westerners to learn, both in written and verbal form, due to the different script and the gutteral sounds contained within the language.
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