Why Is It Important To Follow School Policies And Procedures Which Help To Keep Children Safe?


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School policies and procedures are put in place to provide a safe environment for children to learn and develop.

Following these guidelines is important because protecting children from harm is one of the main responsibilities of a school.

Why is it important to follow school policy? This sounds like a question that might be set as a detention essay, because the answer highlights the very reason rules and regulations are created in the first place!

When a school sets rules like no running in the hallways, or prepares students for eventualities like fires or earthquakes, this is an attempt to prevent harm from coming to students and staff.

There are many potential risks in a school environment, and it is up to the school board and the principal to identify these risks, and ensure they are curtailed.

Like most things in life, a school environment is never going to be 100% safe - but a school has a responsibility to show that it is doing everything in its power to look after its students, to protect them from harm, and to reduce the threat posed by the risks around them.

As part of this risk management, schools have to ensure that strict rules and regulations are set, and that all students and staff adhere to them.
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School policies and procedures are set in place to make schools safer and to have a course of action to take in the event of unsafe situations.

Policies are most effective when all staff are encouraged to discuss and contribute to the final documents. It is crucial that staff are familiar with the issues in the policy, and understand the implications for practice.
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Because otherwise, the students will do whatever they want and people wil end up getting hurt and the education system will be destroyed.

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