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When it is applied to a business or in science, the word project means a collaborative enterprise that frequently involves research or design carefully planned to produce a specific outcome.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
It can also refer to a simple task that doesn’t take long to complete, but it usually describes work that is quite lengthy and has several elements to it completed over a long period of time.

The word project originates from the Latin word projectum which means to throw something forward. The word itself originally means ‘something that comes before anything else happens’. When the word was adopted by the English language, it referred to the plan of something, not the physical act of carrying out the plan.

Projects can have specific uses and may be carried out in different forms such as a practical video production for media students, a dissertation or an essay.
Dissertations are common projects that are given out as they require you to complete sections on methods of inquiry.

Engineering projects are specifically defined by legislation and require that projects are only undertaken by registered engineers or engineering companies.
The scope of the project to be undertaken is usually specified in the contract signed between the owner and the engineering company. Engineering projects are always broken down into design and construction phases.

In project management, a project consists of a temporary endeavour that has been undertaken to create a unique product or result. Product objectives are defined at the start of the task and are used to shape and define the target status of the end goal. These objectives can be formed by using the SMART criteria which is a mnemonic used to set goals.
The five letters stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound. These are the accepted values that you should centre your objectives around.
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A project is a piece of work that is planned and carried out. It can be just a simple task but we usually use the word for work that has several elements and needs to be carried out over a period of time. Renovating your living room can be a project; so can irrigating the Sahara desert. It becomes a project if it involves planning and preparation.
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Project mean what is your topic
For Example
when You are working on any firm and they provide you a work like machine repairing
that is called Project..
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Project = Objective + Tasks + Resources + Time + Cost

Project is set of predefined, correlated tasks which is planned to be achieved by set of resources (HR/Material) within specified time & cost frames
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A project is like work. You have to print things out on paper.
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This is like a chore or job
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It mean that the action that done by some leader for a specific goal or objective by using the limited money and time of starting and finish.

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