In The Traditional Systems Development Life Cycle, Users A. Have No Input B. Are Limited To Providing Information Requirements C. Are Important Only In The Testing Phases Of The Project D. Are Important And Ongoing Members Of The Deve?


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The answer to the question above would be D; in the traditional systems development life cycle, users are important and ongoing members of the development process.

User input is required at the majority of stages in the development cycle, so they are vitally important to the system method. The Systems Development Life Cycle - or the SDLC as it is commonly known in the computing world - is a process designed to create information systems. It is utilized in software engineering, to create useful programs that often involve elements of mass data processing and number crunching. The points below outline the five main processes that occur in the SDLC.

  • Analysis
The first stage of the SDLC involves analyzing what functions the systems must perform. Thought must be given to what types of software should be used and the elements that will be important when the program has been completed. Initial ideas regarding the system will be formed at this stage.

  • Design
Creators of the system will then design it in such a way so that it will fulfill its primary aims. They will consider ways in which the program could be made to be dynamic and efficient. Designers will also aim to make the system user friendly.

  • Implementation
The creation of the software system will then begin. This will involve lots of technical work, and is likely to involve a range of people with different skill sets, from software engineers to graphic designers to computing technicians. It could be a lengthy process depending upon how complex the system is.

  • Testing
The system will then be tested for functionality. Any problems will be noted and there could possibly be changes made.

  • Evaluation
Once the system is finally complete, an evaluation will be completed. This should note the SDLC process and comment upon the final results. The evaluation could be used to produce program updates in the future.

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