Does Your Gpa Reflect Your True Abilities?


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I think that GPA's are false representations of your true abilities. There are so many factors that influence how a student does in school including home life, intelligence, the teacher, if the student is a good test taker or writer and many other factors that although the GPA could give some indication of how well a student does in school, it does not give a fair and real  measurement of a students abilities.
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think it only reflects the effort you put into being a good student.
Plenty of very smart people with lousy gpa's because they just don't want to do the work.GPA reflects your motivation to strive to do the best. Your courses show what ability or skill level you are at.

You could be quite an intelligent person, but if you don't have the drive or determination to get a 4.0 than that will show in a lower GPA. If you are will to study for a few hours or get a tutor then your GPA or grades should reflect the work that you put into your studies. If you want to calculate your GPA ,then use this GPA Calculator to get instant calculation of your Grade Point Average.

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It is a fair measure of your ability to meet grade requirements in school under the conditions of your schooling experience. It may have no relationship to your ability to perform life- or job-related tasks.

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