Adam Tried To Compute The Average Of His 7 Test Scores. He Mistakenly Divided The Correct Sum Of All Of His Test Scores By 6 Which Yielded 84. What Is Adams Correct Average Test Score?


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To find this answer , we must re-establish what the total score was first.  Adam divided that number (which we don't yet know) by 6 to get 84.  To restore it, we will then multiply 84 by six to find out what number he began with. So....

84 x 6 = 504

504 was the total of Adam's test scores.  Now, we need to know how many tests Adam actually took. If he took 6 tests, his answer would have been correct, but he took 7.

Right now, the equation is:
504/no. Of tests taken = average score

or in algebra, this would look like:
x= (504/7)

To find his average test score (represented here by the "x"), you will divide his total score of 504 by 7 (the number of tests taken)--  

I hope this helps. It's not as complicated as it looks here. Ring me in my shout box if you need more help. :)

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(correct sum)/6 = 84
correct sum = 84*6 = 504    (multiply both sides of the previous equation by 6)

(average score) = (correct sum)/7 = 504/7 = 72

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