Can You Give Me A Conclusion For The Indus Valley Civilization?


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The Indus Valley civilization was one of the most ancient civilizations in history and was present in the basin of the river Indus. It was centered in the areas of Sindh and Punjab in Pakistan and Gujrat and Rajasthan in India. From the remains found in the areas, there are different artistic styles and symbols used each of which represents that in those days, the people had their own technologies and their way of living and social structures varied.  You can find morehere.
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Conclusion: Indus valley civilization belonged to aboriginal dravidians who practiced Sramanic religion and used Brahmi language.  They had no relation with so called fake claims of vedic fanatics that it had vedic or hindu culture.
Sanskrit and vedic culture came from Latin and Greek along with Aryans with horses. Indus valley had no traces of horses.
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Indus valley civilization is the one of the first civilizations where the human life grows. This civilization starts from lower sindh (pakistan) around the indus river

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