What Are The Components Of Real Number System?


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The real number system expands the concept of what we mean by number. You have the definition of 'number' which means something you can count, such as how many items are in one basket. These are natural numbers or counting numbers. They are one component of the real number system. The information below is further components of the real number system:
  • Whole numbers: These are natural numbers along with zero being a part of the sequence.
  • Integers: Whole numbers that add in the negative to the series of whole number, so rather than starting at 0, the numbers begin with a negative such as -4, -3, -2, -1, 0 and then the natural numbers.
  • Rational numbers will include fractions, A and B as integers and B cannot be 0. There are restrictions within rational numbers.
  • Irrational numbers are not expressed as a ratio of integers, but as decimals. Irrational numbers never repeat or terminate.
In math, the real number system is often shown in a circular pattern with natural in the middle and the circles becoming larger as it goes out. Irrational numbers are in a circle on their own. This sequence shows an order to the real numbers along with a number line to provide a full ordered pattern.
The real number system also discusses absolute value. This is the distance from the number 0 or origin.

The link above discusses the real number system and its components in further detail. It explains various mathematical components like positive integer exponents, order of operations and much more. There are other sites to be found on the real number system.

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