What Are The Goals Of Business Finance?


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The initial goal of business finance is to manage a firm's monetary books while maximizing the value of the business and monitoring financial risks.
A business' finance team have many responsibilities and goals and although the main goal is to maximize the value of the company, many things have to be taken into account and put into place, these include:

  • Monitor Financial Activity
All businesses set out to make money, and by monitoring financial activity, you will be able to keep track of the losses and profits made. In order to stick to the ultimate business goal of maximizing the company's value, you will need to accurately record every cent that the company is spending, and every cent that is coming into the company. Comparing those two factors should help you discover as to whether the business is increasing in value - one of the main goals of business finance.

  • Assessing
A goal of business finance is to always be making progress in order to take the business to new heights. In order to ensure this happens and can be done, it's advisable that financial books are regularly assessed, as are the profit and loss mark ups. This allows the business to see what is working and what needs to be changed. For example, if an area of the company is losing too much money, this area will have to be discussed as it is hindering the main goal of business finance.

  • Financial Planning
A goal of business finance is to always have a prolific company with a good, healthy income and minimal, if not non-existent losses. In order to obtain a prolific business, a financial plan should always be made and constantly added to. Although something like a budget plan can never be stuck to 100%, sticking to it as much as possible will result in avoiding unnecessary losses which is paramount to a business being successful and valuable.
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The primary goal of business finance is the maximizing the profit, in an the increasing profit. Some of the companies or a business try to generate  their profit even if their profit is less than to the existing profit.
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Two major goals of business finance is to:
1)Accurately collect and Report the activity of a company - it's important for Company executives to know how their business is operating and where their weaknesses and strengths are.
2)Help the business plan for the future - Utilizing the information provided by collecting activity and accurately reporting it to management, it can be used to plan for the company's future.

Most companies have analysts in their finance departments that analyze the information that is collected and reported.  Management then makes decisions about the analysis.

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