Can Anyone Give Me Some Good Research Topics?


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Since new planets have been discovered is the zodiac the same?
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Do a research on GOD. There are so many different stories about him. Some people think hes not among us. Some people think hes everywhere they go. You would be able to find lots of information on him.
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I think you should follow the one who said to do a research about God, but I also think you should do a research about pythons and constrictors. I'm a 17 year old girl and I luv 'em
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I don't know how old you are and what your interests are but here are some different topics that might interes you. I hope this helps Be Blessed!

Should the minimum age for attaining a driver's license be increased? Should this be a national standard?
Should the mandatory age for quitting school be raised or lowered, or is the current age of sixteen justified?
Should computer skills be a fundamental part of education curricula?
Should people under eighteen years of age be required to have parental permission to get tattoos and piercings?
Should people between the ages of 18 and 20 be allowed to drink adult beverages that contain a lowered alcohol content?
Argue for or against a minimum age for mandatory education (usually sixteen).
Is standardized state or national testing (such as the FCAT) helping or hurting American schools?
In what cases is U.S. Military intervention in other countries justifiable? In what cases is it not?

What should constitute acceptable "prayer" or moments of silence in public schools?
What kinds of rights should criminals have?
What conditions of incarceration are fair?
Do sports stars or celebrities bear any responsibility for being role models for children?
Should TV ratings be re-evaluated in regards to sex and violence?
Should the official work week be shortened/extended?
Should parental locks be optional or mandatory on televisions?
Should recycling be mandatory?
Should the local sales tax be increased/decreased?
Should tobacco and liquor advertising be allowed on television?
Should English be made the official language of the United States?
Should women be allowed in military combat? To what extent?
Should Christmas, Easter, and other religious observances be considered national holidays?

How can the voting process in national elections be made less confusing?

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Thanks a lot. There are a couple that I see that might be interesting to find out. Thanks again. Your a great Help :) And Im 18 by the way.
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How much calories and fat grams the normal American eats on thanksgiving
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Bruce springsteen is a good topic
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I'd suggest doing it on the famous old pharaoh of egypt...King Tut..its really interesting about his death and it might be fun. :) enjoy whatever you do and  I hope you get a good grade! :)
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Well this is an old question but I recommend you research Shakespeare,I find it fascinating.
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A topic for a research paper will only be exciting if you find the issue under discussion personally interesting. It is very difficult to write an essay on something that you do not care about. The more passionate you are about an issue, the more engaging your paper will be. You are also more likely to spend the necessary time to find the best sources to bolster your arguments.

If you are writing a paper for a class on social issues, current affairs, politics or even history, look through some newspapers and weekly magazines and flip to the opinions and op-ed section. This is where the most contentious issues are debated by editors, columnists, publicists, academics and even readers, who send in their own thoughts through letters to the editor.

If you are interested in major social issues, you can also type in key words to popular search engines and you will find a bewildering array of websites devoted to all angles of each issue. The key, however, is to write an essay on a topic that truly interests you, as you will be naturally inclined to write a more thoughtful and engaging essay.
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I agree with whoever said King Tut but you could also widen the topic and write about all of Ancient Egypt, like the culture, religion, and architecture of that period
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Physician assisted suicide. Its a very interesting topic, and in high debate right now so you can find a lot of information on it.

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