How Do You Convert Engine Cc To Horsepower?


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As a general rule, the conversion is roughly 15-17cc to 1 hp, so your 10 horsepower engine would be around 150 to 170 cc.

However, this is far from accurate due to the simple fact that:
  • Cc's are actually a measurement of the engine's volume
  • Horsepower is a measurement of work done over a given amount of time.
Therefore as you will agree it is very hard for the two measurement to correlate.

Cc's can be converted to measurements such as liters or even quarts accurately while horsepower can be converted to watts.

This is really why you will find one measurement or the other when talking about an engine. If it was easy to convert then you would have dual specifications visible on all engines.

The fact is there shouldn't really be a time you need to convert such measurements. As long as you are familiar with what that specification means in terms of size and power then you should be fine without trying to convert it.

If you have any other motoring queries then it is always worth asking a mechanic at a garage. They should be glad to give you a bit of advice and share some of their vast experience with engines.

There are also plenty of motoring forums online now which is a great way of posting any question you may have related to engines and someone is sure to give you an answer pretty quickly.
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249 cc is how many horsepower
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I have 1595 CC = 100 HP approx ?
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There is no hard and fast rule to convert cc to hp, as the results might be affected by many technical or environmental factors. So, there is no one direct conversion for that.
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Its e-z jugs grab a calculator (if you need one) an take (# of cc) divided by 25 an you will get your answer because its 25cc = 1hp but theres also more technical stuff about it like for instance how well its tuned, what octane gas your using.....ext.

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