How To Write A Fir Against Lost Of Sim Card?


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It is possible to file a FIR (First Information Report) for a lost SIM card on the FIR website, available at Here you have the option to fill out a form with all of your contact information and as much detail as you can give about the SIM card that you are filing for. The details about your lost SIM card can be uploaded either as a written document, as an audio file or even as a video. It is possible to choose the upload method that is most convenient.

• First Information Reports. First Information Reports are filed by the police when they have received information about the commission of a criminal offense. The idea of an FIA is that it is the first piece of information that the police receive about the crime. The files are typically filed to the police in the form of a complaint from the victim of the crime themselves, or someone else on their behalf. While it is possible to file an FIA through their website, the complaints can also be lodged over the telephone.
• The importance of First Information Reports. First Information Reports are important within local crimes as they are the first access point of information that will trigger an investigation into the crime. Any person is able to file an FIA, police included, increasing the availability and accessibility of crime reports. The ability to submit an FIA online has given victims, who may otherwise have decided not to report a crime, to do it from the safety of their own home. 
• The laws of First Information Reports. Any information given by victims orally must be written down by the police in order to obtain a hard copy. The person who gives this information has the right to ask that it is read back to make sure that it is accurate. If any other information is written down by the police, the victim must sign a statement to acknowledge that it is valid.

It is easy to file a FIR online at the website given above. If you would rather give the information over the phone or in person, these are both alternatives available to you.
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You cannot do this by letter in most countries . You need to report it in person , to your nearest police station .  If you are in a country that is miles from any police station , then just write your letter saying your phone is lost, giving the make of phone, sim number if known, give a brief description of the phone ie, model, colour and where and when you last used it . Make sure you put your Name and Address at the top of the letter, and maybe another telephone number where you can be contacted .  Good luck .

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