Can You Help Me Find My G.E.D Diploma?


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Michael Bolden answered
I took my GED when I was in rickers island back in 1973 or 1974 how do I find the school that gave the test?
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I took the GED by correspondence in 1994 or 1995 when I saw an ad on tv and I think it is with a group called Madison. I had things in storage and there was water damage and I think the certificate was in this box. Now I can't get any info on this group and I need it to go to work at a new company.
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What do you mean by this?  We need a little bit more information so we can try and help you.  Do you already have your GED do you just need a copy of it?  If so call the place that issued it or where you did your testing.  They should have it on file and if they can't get a copy of your GED they can give you a copy of your transcripts and scores that will work as the same thing.  Good luck.

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