How Many Gallon In One Metric Tons?


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1 metric ton of water is about 1 cubic meter, 1000 liters (depending on temperature).

An Imperial gallon (UK) is defined as 4.54609 liters, so there are 1000/4.54609 ≈ 219.97 Imperial gallons per metric ton of water.

A US liquid gallon is defined as 231 in3. A cubic meter is about 61023.774 cubic inches, or ≈ 264.172 US gallons.

A metric ton is a measure of mass, and a gallon is a measure of volume (unless you're considering certain grain products). The conversion between them requires knowing the density of the material under consideration.
This similar question was concerned about canola oil. This source gives the density of rapeseed oil as between .9133 and .9168 at 15.5°C. Thus, there could be 289.25 US gallons or 240.85 Imperial gallons of the low-density oil in a metric ton. The difference in density factors makes a difference of a gallon or so.
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1 ton [metric] = 2,204.6226218 pounds

8 pounds = 1 gallon
2,204.622,621,8  ¸ 8  =  275.5778276  gallons
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1,000,000 gallons= ? Metric tons

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