Dialling Code For America. Do I Dial 00 Then The # Or 01 Then The #?


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  • What do I dial when calling America?
First you dial 001 and then knock the first 0 off the beginning of the number. Then enter the rest of the number like normal.

  • Alternatives to costly overseas phone calls
As most people now have the Internet, or at least have access to it in one way or another, there are many alternatives to the costly overseas phone calls which mean we have to cut the calls short because they are often extremely expensive.

  • Advantages of Skype
One alternative is Skype and this is a brilliant option because not only is it free but you can also see each other. You need to have your computer connected to an Internet connection and you need speakers, a microphone and a camera. Most computers these days come complete with these extra pieces of hardware but if they do not they can be bought for a very low price.

The second advantage of Skype is that you can actually see the person you are talking to. This is a great bonus, particularly when you are talking to someone that is a long way away who you may not have seen for some time. Talking to friends and family on Skype is a lovely way to keep in contact and also talking to business colleagues on Skype can be a cost effective yet professional means of business. You can also hold conference calls where many people can be involved in one conversation and all have the ability to see each other which works well for both business and family chats.

As more and more people have access to the Internet, this is becoming a much more popular option rather than spending a lot of money on overseas phone calls.
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If you are living in the same area then you don't need to dial country code or even area code. Simply dial the number. But if you are living outside America then dialing code for America is 001 then you have to dial area code and then the number. Like this:

00 - 1 - Area Code - Tel #

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