What Is The Lyre Letter Of Mabuhay?


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There are a number of websites available that sell a variety of sheet music for a number of early stringed instruments, including the lyre. A quick Internet search for lyre sheet music should show you in the right direction.

Not only can you find a variety of scores and sheet music online, but in some cases you can also review them for free. Some of the websites have quite an extensive back catalog for you to browse through so make sure to look around.

Other websites may be able to help you through selling various products to help you learn particular songs on your instrument. These include:
  • Tutorial videos
  • CDs
  • Song books and tablature
The lyre is an instrument that has been rumored to date all the way back to 1400BC. It is strongly linked with Ancient Greece as they would use it as an accompaniment whenever there was a presentation or recitation.

Since then, the lyre has been developed and manufactured all across the world. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well as having several different names.

There are also a number of methods used to play the instrument. For example, the Bowed Byzantine Lyre had only three strings and was played through the use of a bow. However, other versions of the instrument would be played through plucking of the strings; similar to the method used when playing a harp.

Due to its very ancient origin, finding tablature and sheet music has proved difficult for some. Nevertheless, there are several options available on the Internet that are well worth checking out.

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