What Is The Code To Barbie I Can Be Preschool Teacher?


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Do you mean the model number? If so, that is N7647.

  • Barbie I Can Be A Preschool Teacher
Included in this play set is a Barbie doll and a Kelly doll. There is a tricycle for Kelly, as well as a jungle gym and a slide. The tricycle can really be ridden by the Kelly doll, and there is also a table for snack times and art activities.

This set is for children aged three and over because of the small parts that it contains.

  • Where to get it
This is a popular toy, particularly for little girls. Its manufacture is actually discontinued but it is still possible to get it from some toy stores, and online. Currently Amazon has it in stock and is selling it for $39.95 with free shipping.

  • California Proposition 65
The Barbie I Can Be A Preschool Teacher play set is listed under California's Proposition 65, which entitles Californian consumers to receive special warnings for products that the state of California knows to contain particular chemicals that can cause birth defects, cancer or other reproductive harm.

This Proposition has been put in place to give the consumers of California the information that they need in order to be able to make informed buying choices.

  • Other products that are listed under the Proposition
Toys are not the only items that are listed under the California Proposition 65. Other things include tools, beauty products, motor vehicles and accessories, lead crystal glasses, jewelry, ceramic tableware, Tiffany style lamps, and electrical cords.

Obviously not every item under these categories is listed, but if any do contain chemicals that are known to cause these conditions and they are sold in California, then they will have appropriate warnings on them.

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