Which One Of The Following Is Characteristic Of Intimate Relationships? A. They Involve Behavioral Dependence. B. They Involve Feelings Of Love. C. They Include An Emotional Dialectic. D. They Involve Emotional Detachment.


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First let me define what I call an intimate relationship: SEX; S for sensory, which is brain stimulation; E for Emotional, which is heart and soul revival, and X for that which hits the mark. Naturally this covers a whole range of intimate courting and settling which in two or more indiviuals brings peace of mind or social well-being. Everyone irrespective of age (babies included) require intimate relationships; God establishes this throughout the Bible.

That said, Intimate relationships do involve behavioural support but not dependance not even in the life of a baby. For the person involved in the SEX must have some stability or self strength. If he or she does not, then the relationship is absorbing for one party and "stiff solid" for the other and nothing is really gained. No revival no balance found.

Yes Intimate relationships involve feelings of love. Love = trust; ability to show weaknesses which means the freedom to expose weaknesses/the problem. Trust in God (to sheild you; to protect you,  is passed on to the "protector" (the form and experience of protection may change within the parties over the period of intimacy) and with problem solving (coping/copulating); the idea understood, the X mark is achieved..this is is the cushion that prevents the emotional dialectic as noone really wants to win they want to solve the "problem" Yearning for physical and emotional peace.

Emotional detachment is a "concreate" experience that is not really deployed or expereinced in intimacy the words are "Love knot" or "peace of mind" or "more emotional completeness" which can only be found after some distance is achieved between "protector" and "secretary' (the one noting the "softness" he/she receives.

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