What Is The Best Science Investigatory Project For 1st Year?


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There are quite a few science projects you can do as a first year such as a small honey bee farm, herbal mosquito repellent, starting a mini ecosystem, growing plants for medicinal purposes, and extracting plant oils.

  • Best Science Investigatory Projects
As a science student you have to decide what you are interested in. The best project is one that holds your interest. If you do not choose something you are interested in then it will have no meaning and it may turn out worse than you hoped. In other words, it is always best to invest yourself in the project no matter what it is in order to gain the most from it. If you are involved then your creativity for the project will shine through and make it the best. Even the most mundane science topic can become interesting if you are actually invested in it.

  • Choosing a project
At the first year level you are probably just learning about some new science concepts and exploring the concepts you learned about before in earlier classes. For example in the USA the first year of college is often a repeat even in science classes of what you have already learned. It will build slightly on it, so chances are you will have to do a simple project that can be understood at your knowledge level. You also want to consider what is most important to you. Do you want to learn how to identify bacteria or watch bacteria you swipe in the classroom grow to show how clean or unclean the world is?

The ideas mentioned above are others that have been used, but you should definitely consider adding your own spin on a project even if it is about herbal mosquito repellent or plant oils.

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