I Like To Read Magazines From Back To Front. Does That Mean Anything?


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Not really, no - magazines, unlike novels, don't have a plot - this means it doesn't matter what order you read the articles in!

Benefits of Reading Magazines Backwards

  • You don't see the index page first, so you never know what's on the next page!
  • Reading manga would come naturally to you - these Japanese graphic novels have to be read back to front.
Many people read magazines just by flicking through them, and then coming back to the parts they've missed, and maybe re-reading certain sections several times.
If you like reading magazines back-to-front, then there's no reason to stop!

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Sounds like you want to know what happens in the end before you start, so if you feel the end was good you could then start that book from the beginning. If you get bored in the middle, you can always stop as you already know what happens.

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